Panav Lodhi Panav Lodhi

A Soul....With many Talents.....

A boy who started his journey of life with showing his achievements to world.

A name itself says many thing about a person same as a naughthy child " PANAV" that means 'a son of prince '
In hindi "Rajkumar"...


1. Panav Lodhi 4th-B ( D.A.V. public school Ashok vihar, Delhi) has got bronze medal in STA Cup Open Taekwondo Championship-2018, organized by:SUN TAEKWONDO ACADEMY.

At age of 2 years started dancing in front of a big audience and got a trophy for performing well. We knows he can't speak well that time but he attract everyone eye by his little steps of dance ( Alien dance academy, Shakti Nagar, Delhi).

He can't stop here he put his feet in skating. He swing like a champ and got award in skating competition held by D.A.V. public school Ashok vihar, Delhi. After a few year later he start yoga and receive a award in yoga competition.

At age of 7 years he starts practic of Taekwon-do and got a complementary certificate in state championship held in Gurugram, Haryana district level Taekwon-do Championship.

He also good in writing and making story byself. We saw him to play with fiction story made by himself that beyond our thinking. 

He got participating award certificate in essay writing competition at school (D.A.V. public school Ashok vihar, Delhi).



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